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Wireless Rumen Bolus™

The Wireless Rumen Bolus™ (WRB) monitors the Health and Location without user interaction, all while hidden inside the rumen, undetectable from rustlers.

At under 1 ½ inches wide by 2 ½ inches tall, the WRB is half the size of competitors temperature only boluses.

Made from a food grade plastic, it does not breakdown inside the rumen and strong enough to withstand the strength of being bitten on by livestock.

No need to purchase and setup your own gateway either. The WRB runs on the Helium Network.

The WRB will save ranchers
  • money by reducing their labor costs associated with monitoring their herd
  • time on having to physically checking on their herd
  • reduce the stress with a maintenance and worry-free solution knowing their herd are safe and healthy




Autonomous livestock monitoring systems will revolutionize the way we manage animals. Significant benefits in terms of increased productivity, animal welfare and environmental outcomes will flow from technologies such as the Wandering Shepherd Wireless Rumen Bolus.

Dr. Mark Trotter Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental & Rural Science, School of Science & Technology University of New England, Australia